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Several thoughts here. One is that I'll never be able to view the CBS news the same again. I've always thought that pretty faces could not deliver hard news straight, (unless it's the BBC, but that's a longer story). I think ABC's gambit with what's her face (I've forgotten and it seems nowhere mentioned on the ABC News site), is not wearing well. Linda Ellerbe, believable. Katie Couric? Entertainment. More Pure pop, IMHO.

Yes, why not Chekhov? We can't have porn stars 'doing' Shakespeare, right? And the reason why the article at the link mentions the nearly 30 year old(!) 'classic' of porn 'Debbie does Dallas', is that most of the recent vintage porn titles are unrepeatable in print.

Thanks for the link to the Yada Blog by Atlanta Jewish Life too. They sound more interesting than I remember. Always a good thing, even when discussing the distressing but ultimately meaningless phenomenon of Tomkat. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'


Yeah, just to show that I'm not a male chauvinist or anything, here's a good example of Couric's vacuousness:
Cheers, 'VJ'

James Kass

Anything that keeps Rosie off the Broadway stage is a good thing...


See here:

(PS I was an accident, precisely because of this...and Irish twins the world over will attest to the same. LOL.)

Esther Kustanowitz

I'm sure you're right...but to clarify, I knew it was possible, but I have no faith that Britney necessarily understands "how the babies get in her belly."

Joe Grossberg

Aargh! *Which* porn stars?

Incidentally, there's already an 80's porno with that title:

Dave Munger

Maybe Brittany has two uteri, like an opposum.

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