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annabel lee

Same way I always get here - via my blogroll. :) Happy chametz!


Oh golly, I've been reading the Kvetch for so long I don't even remember how I FIRST got here. I bet we met at a party and then I checked out your blog.
Today, I arrived via Bloglines.


Abilon News Aggregator - it's nifty - not gonna lie :)


I google urban kvetch and this is what google ejaculates You need to put your new home up there in google heaven. Your old home leads to the new one so people are VISITING the old one,thus it remains numero uno in google but if u want this page as number 1 then you gotta kill the old link.
Im curious as to who you are.Your job etc. Do you plan on aliya soon? What about video blogging? What about your love life as a result of this blog.


whats this? loyal reader

I got here because my friend Charlie the Rich Dermatologist gives me his old copies of The Jewish Week, I read your column, and found JDaters Anon, which led me here. Keep it up. Glad to be able to massage and validate. Simcha


Matisyahu created a Chilull Hashem w/ him breaking his contract w/ Jdub. A C/H, is an act that brings shame to the Jewish people.

His 'new' music is much worse as well. That is why he is not being played as much.

I truly feel that he will realize the seriousness of his crime, and will perhaps have the guts to make teshuva on it.

Ok Y'all lighten up.


I feel your pain re: comments.


I guess I got here directly or indirectly via The Urban Grind. You are a pretty funny writer,; keep up the good work! Some of my friends have told me their Internet dating war stories so next itme I hear one I'll send them to you!

Oh, and don't forget to update us on that famous cruise! ;-)

rabbi neil

from the title i thought you were asking people to post in the comments how they discovered your blog. then i got it. but maybe having people answer the question is a fun post too?


I think I got here through the 2005 J-Post Blog Awards. I always enjoy your writing, though this is only my second comment.

Esther Kustanowitz

Thank you all, for coming, for reading, for commenting, etc...keep blogging the good blog...


Tardy is the new Ipod.

Pretty sure I read a comment you left on another, long forgotten, blog and thought "Ha!" and had to see what else you had to say.

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