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Shatner? Star Wars? Come on, Esther... you know better than that...


It's a sad day for the Jews. A sad day, indeed.


Come on, Joel. You know I know better than that. But who else is as qualified as Shatner to deliver that line, to sci-fi fans of whatever ilk? I stand by my invocation of the Shatner.

Robbie, yes. Very sad.


Having this kind of sense of humor kept me single for years! Speaking of which, want some knock knock jokes?


The joke about the Jawas has to be one of the worst jokes ever written. Perhaps they could post a Star Wars version of "The Aristocrats." Now THAT would be worth reading!


Shatner has about as much in common with Star Wars as I do with Britney Spears. :P


You're a bit of a bitch, huh?
All because he wasn't single?

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