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That's why I still find myself going back to work at Ramah (Darom) year after year... This year will be my seventh, I don't see an end - it's really the highlight of what I do.

Julia Gliner

Esther - this is one of my favorite posts. The questions you ask are valid and have given me some clarity this evening. So I thank you for that. Keep up the great work. You are truly a fantastic writer.

And if my own quest for spirituality and meaning is still so unstable, am I in any kind of position to be a positive influence on the spiritual searches of others?
It may make you more qualified. While solving your own problmems, you use your excellent insight and communication skills to also help solve those of others.


To quote one of the greats: You sure ask a lot of questions for a gal from new jersey!


Definitely my favorite post! Keep digging - everything happening in the world right now is precisely designed to make you stop and ask yourself those questions ...



I think you should spend your free time more constructively. Do you volunteer to tutor disadvantaged kids? Tell us.


I do not intend to be mean, it is just that this post of yours, it sounds like you are very unhappy, and this saddens me as well, as I think the world of you.


I'm too set in my ways to go finding religion any time soon, but I struggle with most of these issues. It's the curse of being human and aware.

For me the constant "Why? Why? Why?" was tamed somewhat when I came to accept that "I don't know." was a legitimate answer. Not that I don't still strive for answers but when the navel gazing and spiral logic gets out of hand, accepting that I simply don't know helps me put it aside for later. Time, experience and growth can do wonders, so giving yourself that time is essential.

As to " I in any kind of position to be a positive influence on the spiritual searches of others?", you most certainly are. Those who struggle see deeper than those who don't and as was said above, you have a gift for communication. Just articulating your efforts is enlightening. You can never know when a thought or phrase will resonate with someone else, even though it seemed meaningless and obvious to you.

Great post E.

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