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Dear Ms. Kustanowitz:

Umm, "eponymous, wasn't that like a word in the title of the Anthony Newley movie "Can Eponymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?".

My hair color and driving record is none of your frickin' business, thanks. Would you please relay my definition to Mr. Wheldon?

Your friend,



What terrifies me is that some studio exec out there is now all gonna be, "We have to get a major star for the lead or else this thing won't sell. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME?!" And 19-year-old bombed party girl or not, Lindsay will be handed the role on a platter.

When it REALLY should go to Morena Baccarin.


Lindsay, you were good in Mean Girls, but these days...eeeeeek.


If they would ever cast a 5'0" Wonder Woman, I have just the person to play her....

And it sure as hell isn't Lindsay Lohan.

If they cast her, I won't watch the movie.

Christopher Simmons

At least let her try the costume on!


I'm just curious... Does anyone know why Lindsay Lohan is famous, anyway?

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