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I was wondering whether Madonna has started keeping shabbat and mikhveh, in addition to keeping Pesach. Not yet, apparently. Is she also not eating chametz during yuntiff this year, anyone know?

I did come across this interesting article about her:

KABBALAH CENTRE hawks 'snake oil for the soul'

Madonna is the Kabbalah Centre's celebrity spokesperson.
Madonna is the Centre's celebrity spokesperson.


In an effort to bolster her flagging career and recapture public attention, aging pop star Madonna has begun exploiting Judaism for personal gain.

Her latest effort has been to rename herself after the Jewish queen, Esther.

A gentile woman, best known for parading around publicly in a pointy, cone-shaped bra, is hardly the ideal spokesperson for the serious, millennia-old study of kabbala, mainstream rabbis agree....LR


1. I don't think EstherMadonna needs Kabbalah to recapture public attention, since she's never lost that attention in the first place. No matter what she says or does, she gets public attention. The world is "hung up" on her and has been for nearly 25 years... When she does something, people watch. When she says something, people listen. It was like that in 1984, and it's that way today - Special K or no Special K.

2. I had honestly wondered at one point if the whole Kabbalah/Esther thing was about attention, but I don't think it is. I think she's seriously into it. I also think she's seriously lost her mind. By that, I mean she's gotten into Kabbalah in a Branch Davidian/Heaven's Gate type way - where she has let Kabbalah become the biggest thing in her life, and where I could see Madonna disappearing from the public eye and living in some sort of cult compound in a few years. She might be more addicted to Special K than fame at this point... Quite frankly, the only thing I honestly think she wouldn't throw away due to her devotion to Special K is her kids.

I'm already counting the days until she starts performing as "Esther" instead of Madonna (and I honestly believed two years ago she'd eventually do so, and still believe it).

So, honestly, I don't think this is a gimmick for EstherMadonna... I think it's an addiction. I think she's as hooked on Special K as George W. Bush is on Jesus - and I don't think it's healthy, either.

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