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Some Loser

Esther I'd say since the shark's been jumped a while ago by The Apprentice your time probably would be better spend other ways than watching it. But I am curious. I hear Trump's daughter Ivanka elbowed what's her name out of the board room part of the show. How did Ivanka acquit herself in that role?


Mensa-schmensa. Any shmuck can get in that low-rent brain club. I should know, I was among the batch of sad sacks who took the test in 2004 for the newly formed Mensa Israel (passed with psychedelic colors, apparently). Not a single hot super-genius babe in the bunch. (And yes, that was my excuse for joining.) I was eventually dragged to three "meetings" in which the guy who started the back-patting roundtable pontificated on how smart Israelis (and by Israelis, he meant "Jews") were. So smart they hadn't thought to start a Mensa group until he showed up from Canada the year before.

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