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This was a great post Esther!I look forward to your return from the West Coast so we can bond again. Don't forget that chocolate tastes sweeter when you buy it for yourself at 50% off (although thereally good chocolate never goes on sale). I will be dancing with my first crush, Tom Jones, tomorrow nite... diet vanilla cherry coke anyone?


Very good post. Of course, the west coast is better than the east coast. One should move there if there is no compelling reason not to imo. I vacation there myself, altho I prefer the Northwest, Seattle, Vancouver, that sort of thing. They have the whole west coast hey dude thing like CA, but w/ less crowds and CA pose.


Well, glad to see you haven't left we Easterners (I'm from Central Pennsylvania, the only place where EVERY cheese steak is expected to be a Philly Cheese Steak. As it should be.)

My V-Day is probably going to be spent at home writing an essay on our 26th President, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, for my Advance Placement United States History Class. Not exactly the way I'd hoped to celebrate my "holiday".


Sing it, sister! Great essay, Esther...


Hey check out Pearl she has an OK blog but a bit of a right wing wacker. But I think you and Chutpadik might find a lot there to love. Thank G-d for Esther's Blog, the only sane Jewish female blogger I have met so far, w/ the exception of Crusin Moms.

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