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I went to a Boston Con many, many moons ago. Fascinating experience, all in all. It was "normal" for people there to be walking around in Star Trek crew uniforms or fur bikinis and collars. The high point for me was getting hey- babed by Isaac Asimov... And no, I resisted the urge to wear either a Star Trek suit or a fur bikini.

May the Schwartz be with you. Simcha


I went to V-con (The Vancouver Science Fiction Convention) for 3 year in a row. In that time I saw exactly 2 panels, or roughly 1/5th of the number of hangovers I achieved. I had a great if somewhat blurry time, but then underaged drinking tends to be like that.


Resistance is futile!


Kevin Smith and Milla Javovich? I'm so there.

Hint: Get a Press Pass. "Please bring photo ID and qualifications with you to register on-site at New York Comic-Con!

For questions, please contact:
Phoenix Kovacs
Phone: 1-203-840-5930
Fax: 1-203-840-9930"

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