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Fomuk you too.

Ha. That's really fun to say. Thanks for the mention!


What is Jewish about Seraphic? He is a dogmatic arch conservative political pundit, w/ typical neo cons. Rush Limbaugh far out garbage.

I helped get you all of your hits when I was touting your web addres.


I hadn't even realized voting started. Oy. What can I say, it's been one of those months... Years..


I did go through the list of nominees. You weren't nominated for best humor blog? C'mon.. You're hilarious! That'd be like them not nominating Bob Barker for best game show host at the Daytime Emmys...

Oh, wait... He wasn't nominated. D'OH!

When did I wind up in bizarro world?


Esther was robbed!!! A shanda....


Aw!! That stinks! I know it means the world to you! At least you got to hear it whilst cruising around under the sun.

L'shana ha ba'ah!!

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