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Urban Dictionary: "with a bullet".
"Number one with a bullet" is a lyric from a popular Fall Out Boy song, "Sugar, We're Going Down." (Though I heard somewhere that it's actually impossible to get number one with a bullet on the Billboard charts. Anyone?)



On the Internet, some commentators were quick to point out the shooting incident was the first involving a vice president since Aaron Burr, vice president to Thomas Jefferson, shot Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in an 1804 duel in Weehawken, N.J. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, updated its article on the Burr-Hamilton duel this weekend, adding the sentence: "In 2006, Richard Cheney, while on a hunting trip in Texas, became the second vice president to shoot a person while in office."

ccs178 (Chris)

"with a bullet" is a reference to Billboard's Top singles lists. If a particular song was quickly becoming a hit and was selling a good quantity of product the editors of Billboard would put a bullet icon in front of the listing. On Casey Kasem’s American Top 40, Kasem would use the phrase to refer to some tracks. "#3 with a bullet..."


Daily Show was hysterical last night, and certainly did not disappoint!


I am sickened by CHeny and the whole bush government, They shoulda checked him out if he was drunk at the time (likely).


Caryn, when a song reaches #1 on Billboard, it always has a bullet first week out. That is their policy.


Music video for "Cheney's Got A Gun":

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