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When will we see an "Israel Dreaming" post? Damn Diaspora.


"where ever you go, there you are"

yeah Brady Bunch Movie.


Wait, did I miss something? Did you actually move? Or is this a temporary thing?

Esther Kustanowitz

Cathryn, no worries. I'm still a New Yorker. Just taking a jaunt out to the left coast, seeking fame, fortune, and sun. Hey, found it!!



I hope the Muir Woods and Raphaels are on your itinerary. You cannot be in the San Fran/Berkeley are and not go....there is more snow in NY now than ever. Hurry back or you will miss it...


"wherever you go, there you are" - sorry folks, that's Buckaroo Bonzai


Hey, it's been awhile. So you'll be in our neck of the woods. I think you're busy with Jewlicious stuff, but if you all go for drinks or something, let me know. By the your new pic :)

Hope you're enjoying the vacay...and happy travels.


San Francisco might be visually beautiful, but it's no place for a Jew to live. It's the most anti-Israel, anti-religion (especially Judaism) place I've ever lived in, and there is absolutely NO tolerance for any Jewish observance. The ignorance about Judaism is startling. It is a city that has been largely Reform since Jews first came to the city, and as my Rabbi says, west coast Reform equals east coast Unitariasm. Unfortunately, he's right.

Enjoy your vacation, but don't come away thinking that SF is a great place to live, because it isn't, unless you're an athiest.

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