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Anonymous JDater

Enough with the blogging, where are the photos!?!?


Enjoy St. Martin, there is a fine Reggae cafe in the middle of things by the beach, good coffee.

Ask them if they have any Matisyahu CD's.

Hope you are hooking up...


Hope you enjoy the trip.

I hijack this thread to inform you that my mother got a dog.

And named her Simcha. For some reason I thought you'd appreciate that and felt the need to come over here and post as such.

Fun Joel

Send my best to Isaac the bartender, and Julie the cruise director! (Capt. Steubing you can ignore)

Esther, do you get drunk before you do karaoke? Are you allowed to do it sober, just curious?

I just googled that Puerto Rico has 3000 Jews. I'm trying to imagine, tank tops and tzitzit.
Hope you find one. Simcha

P.S. No relation to the above dog.

Some Loser

The person that asked for photos, wait until Esther and company hit the beaches will ya!

Jessica Leigh

Ahh, enjoy the tropics, lady. And here's to at least one of those three socially-normal dudes holding a private karoake make-up session in his cabin...

(Oh wait, are you shomer negiah? In that case, hoping for a lovely stroll around the upper deck...)

For some reason, the thought of you on thise cruise just has me smiling...


What? No kareoke???
Hey, you owe me a picture, missy.

Some Loser

If Plantation gets a pic, I'd like one too. Preferably taken on one of those "European" style beaches of St Maarten. As I always say Esther, when in Rome...

Some Loser

What is "shomer negiah" exactly? Is that analogous to the Christian Fundementalist kids who are running around these days "taking the pledge" of no sexual relations until marriage?

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