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Pussy Galore, indeed.

Thank you for reminding me of a HILARIOUS parody I read called "Matzohball" by Sol Weinstein. I just googled them to refresh my memory. There were apparently four:

1. Matzohball.
2. On the Secret Service of His Majesty, the Queen.
3. Loxfinger.
4. You Only Live Until You Die.

I think our hero was named Oy-Oy 7. There were things like scenes where he would be in a swamp and would get attacked by leeches, feeling them clamping onto his inner thighs. Thinking "Gottenu, don't let them go higher!". Simcha

P.S. Esther, I think you should write a comedy where James Bond goes frum. He won't fight villains on shabbos, won't go to bed with shiksas anymore. Though I get the feeling SOMEONE must have already done this. S


Jessica McClintock! So funny that you remember these details! Remember Gunny Sac? They were too cute!

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