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Little Wolf

Just because the experience wasn't what you were expecting as things worked out, doesn't mean that it wasn't 'The Hand of G-D' or destiny trying to tell you something, you just may not know what that something is until much later. (At least I seem to find that is the case for me.)


Seems to me that there are lessons to be learned in everything, be it the hand of God or mere coincidence. Sometimes the lessons are very small, sometimes not. It's all grist. A similar event taught me that I hadn't entirely given up the search the last time I was single. Despite claiming publicly and repeatedly that I had.

Remember: if you're one in a million, there's still six thousand other people out there just like you. :)

Fun Joel

I just watched I Heart Huckabees last night, and this reminds me a bit of that. Interesting though.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg)


Just remember: God is a trickster!

annabel lee

I really like this post. I have nothing substantive to say, just wanted you to know that I liked it.

Drew Kaplan

Well-written (of course, from your hand, what else?). I have to say that's sooooo unfortunate for you about him.... That's a little sad. But you're right - "march on".

Jeru Guru

Hi Esther,

Was going to write on the exact same subject after having an experience similar to your own. No biggie.

You probably did it more justice than I could have.

I loved the point you made about you having a doppleganger as well. In some ways there is a parrallel universe out there which Seinfeld referenced in the bizarro episode.

Anyhow, be well.



Thanks, everyone. But what, no acknowledgment of the clever title? Or was it too obscure?


Ever since I can remember, I'd be walking down the street with my parents when suddenly the eyes of either my mom or dad would just bulge out massively. They'd get a look of shock across the face and then they'd whisper, urgently; "kofiko". I know you know what that means - anyway, it was a guy that they saw once, noted and then over 33+ years they would have random sightings of Kofiko throughout the city. I always wonder what'll happen if I should see Kofiko on the street some 50 years from now - hopefully when I'm with my own bashert...

I know what you mean.

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