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warmest regards,


i m so disappointed esther. igot edited out by the typepad!
no if you wanna know "Which Fantasy/SciFi Character is ybocher?" you will have to guess!!!


As if there was any doubt... James T. Kirk.


why in the world would anybody put james t. kirk next to my name??? that s like soooo off!
and who did you come out as?


Ybocher, I think Madonna was saying that her results made HER James T. Kirk. And just for people who wanted to know, Ybocher's also a Leia.

ccs178 (Chris)

TK421...why aren't you at your post?


ok! i am slow. but i am polish so i am excused, right? so sorry for that brief moment of egocentrism. and yes i m proud to leia just like esther!?


Yes.. I got Captain Kirk.. Sorry for the confusion, ybocher.

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