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It also seems to verify the assumption that Karaoke was never intended for rap. Too hard to find a way to be way off key.


I think this story says more about society's passion for hatred and violence than music, personally. I mean, I've heard some absolutely rotten singing in my life, but nobody sees me trying to hunt down Shania Twain for it.

I don't think LSD or Ecstacy alone are exactly smart. Together? Terrible combination.


Some people blame the drugs, some blame Eminem for writing the song, but when are people going to wake up and realize who is really to blame?

That's right: it's all that jerk Dido's fault!


Ummmn...Muffti has heard (from some of his bad frieneds!) that E and LSD together makes a pretty wonderful combination; typically the seratonin reuptake blocking of the first nicely compliments that trippiness of the other. He believes it's called 'candy flipping'. Who knows what went wrong with this guy...perhaps his E was a bit too speedy.

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