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Interesting review.. How quickly you forget that Madge is reading! :P

Just teasing, of course. I mean, I must live up to my name (which probably means it'll take me six years to quit smoking, too. Oh boy...)

Overall, the album (in my opinion) was a big improvement over American Life. I'm certainly not ready to rank it ahead of Bedtime Stories or Like A Prayer. But this album does have some very good songs, some ideas that work (others, not quite - but a far more positive ratio than the last album), and furthermore should silence at least some of those who were doing the "Madonna is dead!" dance after American Life came out (what the hell was I thinking? I must've been really drunk when I recorded that album).

Furthermore, I was pleased that this album felt more pop/dance (even somewhat disco-ish) than the electronica that dominated the last few albums. I've never cared much for electronica, and her (my?) albums are the only electronica albums in my collection.

I'm glad you enjoyed some of it. I promise to do better next time!


OK, Esther, you convinced me, I'm off to the shops to buy the CD. I used to love Madonna but didn't like Music or American Life. I still think her best albums are Like a Prayer and Ray of Light, and Evita.

It's Me Again

Like a Prayer was a very Mature CD and I dont think she's got anything left tp sing about.

It's the guy that loves to look at your picture


Hm. I have been trying to think of reasons not to buy this, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet. Her last CD was so bad, but this one seems like a lot of fun despite the talky bit.


Lightly samples ABBA? I assume that is tongue in cheek. Hung Up, Get Together, Sorry, Let It Will Be and Isaac are all great tracks. Sorry does sample Can You Feel It - a Jacksons song from 1981!


Look, I didn't even bother with American Life, and I've got tons of other Madonnalbums. She just needs to stop the whole talking before, during and after songs thing, and then she'd have an album.


The only thing I can think of is Esther Madge likes showing off her genuine, authentic British accent....

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