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You so totally know that at some point, Christopher will be back and ruin the whole game? It's a given. Never fear, you will get your wish.

At least as far as TV is concerned, the key to my heart is clever bantery dialogue, pop culture references and strong women who shirk social convention and do things their own way, occasionally doing more than just yelling or fainting when a monster is coming. Plus, I'm all about the relationships between the characters. Sean and Megan on Felicity. The pain in Willow's eyes when she said goodbye to Oz on Buffy..
As a male of another generation, TV Nirvana is SEEMINGLY idiotic comedy with men insulting each other and acting like jackasses, which in fact carries a deeper message of love, interdependence and the absurdity of the human condition.

The Three Stooges. The Honeymooners. Abbott and Cosello. You know, stuff that was on Channel 11 45 years ago.

ccs178 (Chris)

I think if an accurate cross-section of the Gilmore Girls viewership could be done, the demographics would blow peoples' minds. There's a big ol' Gilmore Girls closet out there chock full of everybody you would never even think of as being even remotely interested in this kind of show.


My name is Denise, I'm 38, and I watch Gilmore Girls, too.


I love the Girlmore Girls. If I was to commit to one show, this would be it. It is so good that if I miss an important episode, I have a (straight) guy friend that I can count on to have taped it.

Barefoot Jewess

If there's never any progress in real life, I guess I'm just hoping for television to operate on an accelerated level, even if it results in shark-jumping. Unless, of course, keeping Lorelai and Luke apart would ensure that the Gilmore Girls runs through Lorelai becoming a grandmother.

I guess you're saying that you want to see a couple make it and by some miracle that relationship is fodder for great things in tvland?

If so, oh, I can so relate! I stopped watching the X-files cuz the tease was making me nuts (about everything, not just relationships). I love wit and banter, but I invariably look for substance as well. I am a huge fan of GG. The L and L relationship is kinda funny, and quirky, but I feel that there is a whole lot of caring there, even if it is between 2 neurotic people ( aka, people with "baggage"). But I have been Joss Whedoned, freaked out, and am not into that arbitrary, chaos based weltanschauung. Deconstruction is not my bag. If that is what the producers of GG are offering.

I would love to see a relationship that is not exclusively about baggage (or total perverseness, pathology, demonic unconscious). You can only ride the demonic unconscious so long. After that it gets reptitive and boring, it becomes nihilistic. Human beings, aka, 'viewers', deserve better. I want commitment, no matter what. And that, I think, requires a whole lot of imagination and ingenuity. Unlike the Whedon, X-files, universe.

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