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Damn, you're all over the place. Way cool! Shana tova!


I enjoyed reading your interview. Most memorable was your bra breaking. Have to be honest.

The last line made me flash on the Rambam's ma'amin, so I banged out a version of it that might apply to JDate. Good Yom Tov. Simcha

The Principles of JDate Faith

1.I believe with perfect faith that JDate contains and will guide me to my beshert and that it has listed, lists and will list all men worthy of my consideration.

2.I believe that JDate is unique, and there is no uniqueness like it to be found in any other dating service. Other sites are for losers.

3.I believe that JDate is not subject to physical constraints, and it is kosher to post highly Photoshopped pictures and to state my age in the manner of Jack Benny.

4.I believe with perfect faith that all the words of my JDate profile are true. Even if they’re not.

5.I believe with perfect faith that logging onto JDate is equivalent, and in fact superior to praying, and that it should be done 3 times daily and 4 on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

6.I believe with perfect faith that Hashem resides in the JDate computer server, and that there will be an everlasting resuscitation of my dead love life whenever the divine wish emanates from Him and said computer server. Amen, selah.


Shana Tova!


Yo! Just wanted to thank all urban kvetchers for allowing us to borrow Esther for our silly little blog. Have a Shana Tova!!


Ah E, who're you calling wise, huh? Pot, Kettle, Black Substance (henceforth: PKBS). Besides, someone who's as willing as I am to wear lycra in public doesn't deserve that title.

Great article. I've had that feeling, sometimes within a relationship. You expressed it beautifully.

All the best on this holiday to you and yours and all your observant readers.

Some Loser

Ester evidence to the contrary I guess but I generally stay out of other creeds' ways of bringing about cohabitation (as you are aware, I'm a Communicant in The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, Roman Rite aka "Catholic") but if you follow the path laid out by that newly minted adherent of Kaballah; well G-d help ya!

PS Happy (Jewish) Holidays.


Enjoying your publicity. Thanks for sharing!

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