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annabel lee

Heh! You know why I loved this post, of course.

Gil Student

There are different types of actuarial jobs, some of which are very similar to regular jobs in finance.

ccs178 (Chris)

I was waiting for the Wolfram and Hart reference while reading your post. I'm so glad you didn't disappoint. :) Me thinks that being David Spade's assistant would be more fun than being Naomi Campbell's assistant. Well, as long as you own a tazer anyway.

At the top of the list of jobs I don't want...
Chabad Shaliach to Saudi Arabia.


Oh snap. I know an actuary who is going to kick your ass.


Oh come on, no harm was intended...some of my favorite people are actuaries. My point was that actuary--in addition to jobs in finance in general and anything else requiring math skills--is a job I'm not qualified to, nor do I want to, do. That's all...

And as to actuaries themselves? I have nothing against them, and they might fight crime and save us all. Watch this commercial, starring my brother.


Esty, is that really your brother?!


Petitedov, in fact, it is. And he's married. So sorry.

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