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Birthing a Sean Preston sounds much more painful than giving birth to Sean Preston does.


What can I say? I've got a flair for the dramatic.


I can't wait to see what Britney has to say. Just so you know men do all the writing when it comes to actual (authentic) kabbalah material ...


Speaking of kabbalah, the gematria of "Esther", alef samech tav resh, is 661.

661 is the area code that covers parts of Los Angeles, Bakersfield, etc. Must be a message there somewhere.


Interesting...I never thought to determine residence via gematria, but if the right offer came along...


Sidebar: have you heard the clip of Kevin Federline's upcoming music single? It's a must hear.

"Back then/ They called me K. Fed/ But you can call me Daddy instead."

you can download it here

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