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Will Gotkin

In relation to your comment that the downside of Matisyahu's success backfiring by causing a bunch of "knock-offs" I say what's the big deal? Every big artist no matter what their race or religion has bandwagon clutching, wannabes and posers trying to get big. Fortunately they rarely achieve success. Besides, if Matisyahu inspires a lot of young Jewish kids to pretend for just a little while that they could be chasidic reggae superstars so be it. At least it helps them in some small way break free of the stereotypes most Jewish kids are forced to grow up with. Anyway I just want to say that although I regrettibly have not yet attended a Matisyahu concert I think his music is fire and he's really making the kind of music the world needs right now.


SHANA was great seeing you, even if it was only brief. You also got me on a totally exhausted day. I think Matis is great! His band is darn good too.

By the way, the vinegar and baking soda didn't work. I made one at the festival. Did the mixture at my friend's and it still smells like goat arse. Now I have it soaking in a orange cleaning solution and lemon own concoction...we'll see if it works :)

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