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I should get so much non-coverage! Great post ...

By the way Isaac Luria is the Ari -

The second period of the development of Kabbalah is very important to the Kabbalah of our generation. This is the period of “the Ari,” Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, who created the transition between the two methods of Kabbalah study. The first time the pure language of Kabbalah appeared was in the writings of the Ari. The Ari proclaimed the start of a period of open mass study of Kabbalah.

For the full article:


Some Loser

About 10 years ago, Madonna offended Catholics with her "Like a Prayer" music video. Now it's Jewish folk she's displeasing on sacrilegious grounds. I wonder who she will p*** off next?

Also I saw a clip of Madonna out doing something with her two kids on MSNBC cant remember what it was but the voice over by the MSNBC host was words to the effect "Madonna's pathetic effort to stay in the limelight continues". Indeed.


Great post as usual. Even your non-news is news worth reading Esther!

Good post.

Maybe Madonna will come to your wedding if you ask her nice. So maybe that way you can get some great Jewish hunk, who is also a big Madonna fan, to marry you, by promising him that his favorite pop goddess will attend your nuptials.

At least Madonna is publicizing the name of Rav Luria. Most Jews have never heard of him, or nusach Ari, or know what Kabbalah really is (a tremendous amount of numerology). Maybe they'll even learn that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is also a number? Simcha


Good idea on the hunky guy, but all the hunky guys I know who are into Madonna are gay. It was a nice idea, though.

Thanks everyone, for reading and commenting...I appreciate it!

Some Loser

Simcha you and me and Hebrew and the Book of Revelation.

Some people believe the '666' referenced there was actually the letters for the name of Nero in the here and now (40 CE or so) and not a dreaded number of an evil doer to come.


Esther Neshume-le,
Not to worry. You don't need the aggravation. Who does? Esther/Madonna will change her schtick as surely as day follows night.
Have you heard of 'Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad?' You would enjoy their web site. (as above dot com)

I saw them with friends last Friday night in a small informal setting. They were lovely girls. We all schmoozed a bit after the show. Goodess Goldstein's mother DOES know what her lovely daughter is 'up to.'


I've been to JGGB, the show at Joe's Pub at some point last year. Then I discovered that my friend grew up with the goddess, so the three of us went to a movie at some point...


It's becoming painful obvious that Esther Ritchie is rapidly going insane. And I guess it is understandable. She has one blogger sitting in New York who wants her name back, and another in California who stole her old name. Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't know whether she wants to be Madonna or Esther, and the end result is she's just going crazy.

Seriously, though, she's always been a bit batty. To act out the way she once did for attention and publicity is a sign of not quite being all there. But it's definitely getting worse.

Maybe she's going nuts knowing she's closing in on 50 (something I thought I'd NEVER see!). Maybe she doesn't know what to do with herself when she doesn't expose her body to the whole world (let's face it, there are kids in Bangladesh who know what she looks like naked). Maybe she really has been replaced by an alien. Maybe she's received one too many Razzies and/or bad movie reviews and is on the verge of going postal.

Or, maybe, just maybe... No beer and no TV makes Madge something something?


I for one am offended by Madonna. Not because I'm jewish or catholic, because I'm not any of those things. I'm an atheist. What offends me is how she cheapens the faith of those who really do believe in god etc. I don't think she consciously exploiting kabbalah and in turn, judaism, but the bottom line is that is exactly what she's doing. Lame lame lame.


I agree. All Esthers should want their name back. I was very upset when Madonna took my name as well.

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