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I haven't seen the movie yet, but I read your comments anyway. Just wanted to say two things:

1. Doyle was written out of Angel because the actor had a serious drug problem off the set (and sometimes on it).

2. Josstory is a combonym. Check Caren's blog for more about the concept.


What? Wesley died? Did we see a body? who/what killed him, looks like I've totally blocked out post Connor's SORAS Angel...


In this picture the crazy girl Tam looks like Rory.


A friend likes to say, "It's not Whedon if your heart hasn't been ripped out by the end." Fortunately or unfortunately, I had those deaths spoiled for me before I saw it. But I don't see how it limits the possibilities for sequels or prequels.


dawn: Uh, yes, there was a body. He got stabbed. Illyria became Fred for him temporarily while he died. Then she punched a hole in the guy who killed him.

About the lack of mourning- from what I read, Joss didn't want there to be a lot of mourning. Gina Torres argued that she would be grieving more, but Joss wanted her to go into Immediate Warrior Mode. I guess given the plot situation they were in that might be necessary, but I still think it bugged people they weren't all a little more shown being sad.


well, there *was* that whole lt.commander-tasha-yar-esque hilltop sendoff, with the drippy holograms atop the k'varos -- but the characters shoulda at least been crying.
p.s. esther, if not for your amazon wishlist, i might never have chanced upon firefly, and now i own it on DVD and am a lifelong fan! i owe you one! i assume, from your post, i should be checking out buffy + angel also?


Gee, chazarmaveth, I'm so glad to have introduced you to Firefly via my wishlist. You know what's a good gift for someone who's interested you in a great new show? Hmm. I wonder. If only there were some magic list somewhere...


Finally I can comment. Couldn't read this entry until I had seen the film. Loved it, got caught up in it hook line and banter.

Mr. Whedon has the uncanny ability to make me care about the characters and care I did. The lack of grieving didn't bother me. Different cultures have different ways of dealing with death. The culutre of Serenity is a frontier/warrior culture and their response to death would be a great deal different than ours. Just made everything feel more alien if'n you know what I mean.

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