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I, too, am sickened by this phenomenon. Like, little girls wearing Porn Star t-shirts, etc. And teens getting bikini waxes. Eep. It's gross. BUT, I would point out that Emma Roberts was also an actress appearing on a TV show. She was also wearing TV makeup and probably dressed in a more sophisticated manner than most 14 year olds. TV, as you know, has its own conventions ;-) On the third hand... I have always had difficult, bushy eyebrows, even at 14, and I WISH someone had helped me pluck them perfectly. Just sayin... High school might have been totally different.

that one girl on sweet 16 who got a car, she was beyond mean. i wanted to jump through the TV and strangle her. her mother, however, let her get away with it and i blame her for her daughter's actions. it was just sad, shameful and unbelievably embarrassing. i hope she watches it and has a glimmer of the righteous bitch that she is.


sorry, i didn't mean to leave the above comment as anonymous. apologies.

i dont see the big 15 and get my eyebrows waxed once a month.
the times have changed, and teens want to look good!

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