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Was gonna see the movie. Is it any good?


How can you be sure you're not the clone?


You're not a clone. You're a replicant.


Didn't see the movie. Yet. But I probably will at some point.

As to my being a clone (or a replicant), I'm pretty sure I'm not, because then I'd have replicant blogs somewhere out there showing up in my Googling of myself. Not incontrovertible proof, I know...


I've heard from reliable sources it's not worth your $10.75.....I'll watch Lost In Translation to get my Scarlett Johansson fix.

Mark Treitel

A little know fact, in the story of Purim, Mordechai's niece was Queen Madonna, but it sounded too Christian, so they changed it. ;)


Mark's right...actually, if you check the text, her name was Hadassah first. Then Madonna. Then Esther. Hey, has everyone checked out Mark's blog yet? He's on Situation: Comedy, so he's a celebrity. Go! Show love! Now!


In about 30 years, people will hear my name and think of Kabbalah and/or cult religions, and not the Roman Catholic church...

Yoseph Leib

You know the joke about the marrano, when he converted, he changed his daughter's name to Magydolena...
except on shabbos and yom tov, when her name becomes Migydolena.

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