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I want to have a baby.


Fun stuff!

And you know I always have a good pee story Esther, so here goes:

When my son was 6 weeks old we took him on the plane to meet his Great-grandmother in Florida. Having only had girls up to this point, I wasn't fully familiar with the infant male's firing range. I decided that the flip-down tray you eat your meal on made the perfect changing table for my little Prince. I flipped it down, put his Royal Highness on it, untaped his diaper and whhoooosshh...he fully soaked the guy in the seat across the aisle from us. I was in awe of the perfect arch my baby created with his urine stream. I was sure this was the most adorable thing any baby had ever done and felt that the passenger should be honored to have my son grace his business suit with his pee-pee. However, the passenger wasn't so happy. They had to move his seat to prevent him from murdering a new mother, and I think they upgraded him to first class.

It's so true what Miranda on "Sex in the City" said "The only way to meet the perfect man is to give birth to him." (or be his Aunt).


Congrats Esther & Happy "G-Day"!

No pee story here, but Chutzpah reminded me of my own plane story. File another one under "Babies are Messy":

When my oldest daughter was about 8 months old, we flew from LA back to NY. We were sitting next to a very nice man, a forestry professor from UCLA, who was very excited that he was going to be heading to DC once the plane landed to meet with the President to discuss environmental issues. He was travelling without luggage since he had to hop a plane back home immediately after.

I needed to feed my daughter- so my row-mate very nicely offered to take a walk to the front of the plane for a while to give us some privacy (he was from CA, after all...).

When he returned, it was only about 5 minutes before my daughter spewed her lunch-- all over him. And his suit. Which he had no way of changing.

He was totally cool about it- he said he couldn't wait to tell the Prez what happened. The flight crew was totally horrified- they gave him a bottle of Veuve Cliquot from first class as he was exiting the plane...


Judi, I am amazed at that man's composure. You must have one hell of a cute kid :)


Yeah, she's cute- and she just graduated from 8th grade last night! Fortunately, the projectile vomiting stopped after her first year. Her cuteness was beginning to be her sole redemptive quality ;-) The guy was awesome. He really liked babies and just shrugged it off. I was mortified.

I actually have a history of mishaps on planes. A few years ago, I'd had some minor surgery before a trip. We were flying back from Miami to NYC and I'd been holding my 8 month old son for a while. I handed him off to hit the lav & as I walked to the back plane, people we're gasping in horror as I walked past.

It turns out I'd bled through and it looked like I'd been shot through the heart- especially since I was wearing my husband's stark-white dress shirt, chicly knotted at my waist. The flight attendants rushed me & told me there were doctors on the plane and that the pilot had offered to land the plane for me.

I'm afraid to fly again...

Little Wolf

As a Crohn's sufferer, it is generally recommended that we keep a 'poop' journal. I don't my self, but I do keep very good track of that function. (I may be a bit on the strange side for that though.)


That's great that your bro is hands on- changing diapers, swaddling and all. Not all men are that brave or into fatherhood. Maybe he can teach one of those (remedial) fatherhood classes to teenage parents.....

Princess Anonymous

My friend's pet rabbit once peed all over me - does that count?


My grandfather was a mohel. I remember hearing one instance in which he got peed on but I'm guessing that it happened a lot. It's likely that you don't snip that many foreskins (3 generations of them) without getting pee in your face. Call it an occupational hazard.


Congrats indeed Esther. Having a nephew is a great thing. I bonded with mine in two stages.
1) When he had his bris I gave him drops of wine, so I'm officially the first person to get him drunk.
2) I fed him cheerios while reading him a story. We've been friends ever since.


Family lore- my cousin, D, peed all over the mohel at his bris. They love to bring this story up at every bris, much to his displeasure (he's now in his late 20's).

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