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:) You have have used your imagination for forces of good. Incidently i too have always pondered how Sam and Jake never caught on fire. I would not like to see a sequal - sounds a bit depressing.


They already made a sequel. It was called "For Keeps?" (1988), aka "Molly Ringwald Gets Pregnant During Senior Year."


there was supposed to be an actual sequel to breakfast club that hughes wrote about the group having a reunion.

somehow, i think it is better if that never gets made.

perhaps some prequels to his brat pack movies could work.

finally. we get to see cameron fry wield a light saber before he is turned to the light side by ferris and sloan.

annabel lee

I loooved Andrew McCarthy in St. Elmo's Fire. After that, I loooved him in pretty much anything I saw him in. Although his IMDB pic doesn't look like the version I loooved.


This is great! Sam might have tried keeping at least one of her men around by showing them her fancy trick that involves applying lipstick by putting the tube in her cleavage....


Come on, we all know what happened: Sam and Jake had a great summer together before he went away to college, totally blew her off, and met a girl who never washed her hair and always wore black trenchcoats. Oh, wait...that was me - nevermind.

Tommy Himself



Love it! I was wondering what it could be about. Now I know.

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