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Esther mentioned me in her blog! Wow!
And yeah, I didn't see you either. But I did see my 9th grade computer teacher and it took me until about 20 minutes ago to give a name to her face!


Looks like so much fun. Loved the captions. Yay, Zionism. I was in a Jewish cemetery today and saw an American flag near one of the graves. And felt so great about Jews being so intergrated in American society, it probably doesn't make much sense. But it was a happy feeling about both America and Israel.


Nice pics.

p.s. My family has a subscription to The Jewish Week and I'm an avid reader of your column.


Loved, loved, loved the photos. Looks like an awesome time. I'm sorry I missed it.

Great pic of your school's float. I strongly believe that every yeshiva should have its own 'Beis Band. But I couldn't find the prom king & queen in the shot. Were they on the other side?


The parade looks fun, as usual! I'm sure all five boroughs are looking forward to seeing your chest on "Paradetown USA!" (not a very good title of a show, is it?)

ccs178 (Chris)

I have to say, you look better in the picture in the post above than the one you have for your blog. You don't look bad in it, but the one in the post looks closer to you when we met at the b-day party waaaaaay back when. :)


That is about the cutest picture of you besides the one from the Jewlicious thing I have seen.


Looks like a good time. We had a our Israel Festival a couple of weeks ago. Always fun.


I love the shirt. Do you have to be "Jewlicious" to wear it? Yeah, I guess it would be false advertising otherwise...

How cool that you were recognized from your column!

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