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I don't get it, which comes first here commerce or content?

Methinks they're jealous...

Princess Anonymous

One can only hope this begets the downfall of Heeb...




Jewcy-licious? Good grief. Bring me the head of Reuven Koret!!!!


Jeez, people are going to start to think we run the media...Jewthis and Jewthat and Jewtopia...JustJewIt. I can't decide if this is all Jewlicious, Jewriffic, Jewmazing, J'awesome, or what...


Sounds like market satJewration to me.


actually, sarah lefton of the jewish fashion conspiracy (whose products are sold on jewcy) is a contributor to jewschool.

Abraham Steuben

Why doesn't Jewcy magazine state the simple truth? They are funded by Christians and secretly hope to get Jews to leave Judaism. The Jews as a People, are dwindling in size faster than a flickering candle's light vanishes. Some political addicts would have us all thinking that this "Jewcy" is about the left and the right. No, this is all about the survival or disappearance of the Jewish People.
Why do you take a position that assures us friendly smiles looking down at us while we slip and slide down the hole of extinction. Condoned and cojoled assimilation is disguised extermination! I refuse to be a Jewish Uncle Tom.
I will look to create and gather as many Jewish brothers and sisters as I can. Marrying out of religion and/or race is a very cool thing to do. Two generations later it is not cool at all . As a result of "understanding and accepting intermarriage," we will have smothered another few Jews through nearsightedness and as a result of weak links. Will the grandchildren of such marriages be Jewish? Actually, only 5% will still claim to be Jewish in the third generation, let alone in the fourth.
You are so busy trying to make money and getting Jews to convert, you are willing to sacrifice many Jews by encouraging assimilation. THat is what Sanchereb did to the Jews he "captured" in the Jewish Land 2,000 years ago: he sent them all over the world to be assimilated into various cultures. We can all see that he made no money doing his evil and the Jews all over assimilated and the Jews are here. You are surreptitiously pushing us to assimilate and convert. That is evil and shameful especially since you use a different evil (greed) to achieve your goal. "Jewcy" has even resorted to Porn lite, in it's efforts to attract. Every five or ten words they throw in a Jewish term to keep people thinking it's all legit.
Abraham Stubenhaus

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