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My Rabbi used to say the "Star Wars" was one of the most religious movies of all time. It's very much about spirituality (luke) vs. technology (Hans). Although this whole mitachlorian thing makes it almost biology over technology, which is entirely different.
Kinda interesting though


Thought provoking. Now I shall have to watch all of the movies again, darn you! :-)


I would argue that the whole plot line of Return of the Jedi was the story of Elish Ben Avuya/Acher and the story of teshuvah assoicated with it. We're told Acher can't do teshuva but Elisha ben Avuya can, much as Anaking ceased to be Anakin and became Darth Vader. It was Anakin who saved Luke in the end and not Vader. Revenge of the Sith was also playing to themes of Saul/David and the like. Each character eneded up being crule when they were attempting to be kind. Very much the misplaced kindness of Saul and Amalek and later his murederous rampage on the city of Nob. Anakin is cruel, when he should have spared Dooku. Ends up being cruel when he prevents Mace from lilling Palpatine and eventually even Obi Wan makes the mistake of letting Anakin live at the end.

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