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I'm thinking the whole singles scene needs to be re-organized. Mixers, parties and other single's events & functions should be defined by BMI (Body Mass Index) rather than age groups. There should be parties for women whose BMI's are "too high" and the men that love them. These women just wind up by the hor d'vours with each other anyway. No one really cares about age anymore - it's all about SIZE. And we know that Jewish Princes require ZERO percent body fat on their potential soulmates because anything else would remind them too much of their mothers.


It's actually an interesting article, though long. And it does include some people who had the surgery and still need to lose several pounds.... For a short time, I dated a guy who had that dramatic weight-loss story - "I went from 300 pounds to 150". Unfortunately, that's all there was to him: that story. He thought it was a tremendous heroic history, but it gets boring after a while.


I am completely opposed to such surgery and wouldn't even consider it unless they told me I'd die tomorrow without it. "In human terms"???? WTF??? I know two people who have had this surgery. Both have required drastic, life-saving intervention post-op. My dad being one of them. No way. I don't want to spend the rest of my life with fear that if I ate more than a shot-glass full of whatever I'll barf on the table. Nope. No way. However, I AM glad if this works for whomever...if it's their way but for me, it's not even an option.


That girl (the first one) sounds like a real beeyatch to be honest. And a 500$ belly ring? Jeebus.

Dr. Janice

The cover and title were salacious and misleading. But isn't that usually the New York Magazine approach? I found the articlw rather sad. [Spoiler -- one of the women featured had a sister who died from the surgery]. The people who have this procedure don't do it to get skinny, they do it to get healthy and (hopefully) live longer lives.

So "suddenly skinny" is not really accurate. More like "suddenly dead."

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