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Not as surprising is the fact that the guys that play Weiss and Marshall are both jewish in real life and I've read articles about them supporting the Jewish community .


update: A cursory search on for "alias" reveals a lot more Jewish cast members.

Princess Anonymous

Best Role - the teacher in Never Been Kissed. I HATE romantic comedies, but this one makes me squeal with delight.


Hey Esther (this is a reply from the comment on my xanga blog- and i didnt really know which of the now 4 blogs to reply to but neway..)

Ok about the name thing. Im not gonna say change youre name, cuz how many jews are called miriam esther tamar and rachel?! I wouldnt take it seriousely. I shouldve asked him, but their were so many diffrent discussions it all got confusing. And seeing as its a 4 yr waiting list to see him...
I think he may have just been saying it for me? As in for my soul. That may make more sence.

But i do believe that names are important. E.g my aunty was going through many many problems, from her kids to her husband to her house to her job. And a Rabbi said change your hebrew name as its negative for you- and you know what im gonna say- it all really got better.

Thanks for the info on my name tho. That is cool.

Shabbat shalom 2 u 2 ;)- and wow that guys jewish!?


I love when Jews come on. I don't know why but it makes me all happy insided. Yay, for hot Jews.


what a hot jew boy!

Some Loser

Who is he? Never heard of him.

skye bugg

I went to school with him for several years..He never said he was Jewish then. Hw was very much into sports and used to have very long blond hair..almost white wthe he was young..and always very cute.

You know,it's rather profitable to put say I'm jewish these days,phenotype wise he doesn't seem jewish but you always get surprises.There's not such thing as a half jew,once a jew always a jew..I just wish we could go back to the 30's and expell all of them from europe..ah..the good ol' days


omg how is "coming out" as jewish a big deal? everyone is jewish..powerful attractive, not powerful not doesn't matter! i wish people would stop pretending jews are disenfranchised...because they are not! they experience no discrimination greater than any other race or religious's like saying, oh my god, jennifer garner is a quarter Chinese! noone cares!!! it's interesting, but certainly not a "coming out"...

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