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How about Roseanne or Cybil? Though Cybil should have been renamed "Christine" as Baranski totally owned every episode.


Good point on Roseanne. But she basically retired from standup after that, and did get her own briefly lived talk show...

I thought about Cybill Shepherd, but she's not a comedian per se. Never saw the show, but Christine Baranski's always outstanding. (And not a comedienne, per se, though certainly very funny.)

Also, I should have said in the post (and maybe I'll revise it yet) that Comedy Central would never greenlight anything called "The Woman Show."

Gotham Image

Esther - you sound pretty funny, but Tina Fey does not - at least on SNL - I gather she is funny on stage. Sarah Silverman is funny. But she is someone who reacts, more than projects . Jon Stewart is hilarious. So is Colbert. So was Mel Brooks. I think there are more male comics to draw from - not better comics. Time makes more converts than reason though, so in a few years, you will have a comedy show of one's own. Now, I think I'll go watch Blazing Saddles for the 100th time....


"Nearly all online dating profiles by men claim that they're searching for a woman who's got a sense of humor; but what they're really looking for is someone skinny who laughs at their jokes."

Not for nothing, Esther, men get this all the time too. Jon Lovitz has pointed this out many times by saying something along the lines of this: "Women all the time say they want a guy who makes them laugh. Well, I was on Saturday Night Live for Christ's sake. I should be getting laid left and right!"

There are men who like funny women. To me, funny is sexy. And I think most of the guys with whom I used to take improv classes felt the same way. We were all just too nerdy to do anything about it (and it seemed that all women were taken, anyway).


Esther, your complaints on this post remind me of my complaints about the fact that men are expected to ask women out on dates and pay for the dates. When asked why that is, I'm usually just told that's the way it is.

Humor from men is more popular. That's the way it is.

Shaun Eli

Esther, you should do standup comedy. You have great timing (and you're funny). I just finished writing a piece on almost this exact issue-- about women in standup comedy and how difficult it is, and what people can do about it (I'm a male comedian). You can read my piece here:

or here:


T.A.B., sweets, how much time and money do you spend on date preparation? 1/3 or less of what the woman pays? Right. Not that that's such a solid reason for why men should pay for dates, but when a woman's spending all she does on the preparation process, you break even. Of course, it's really just because when you date you're supposed to prove that you can financially support a woman and she's supposed to prove that she can look pretty because in the neanderthal days that's what men and women cared about. Gendre roles have changed, but for some reason there are a few things that have yet to catch up. This comedy issue is something totally different.


Dina, I don't know how much women pay for preparation. Isn't that different for each woman? I can only relate my personal opinions, which should by no means be confused for fact or even popular opinion. The only comedienne whom I ever found to be laugh-out-loud funny was Roseanne, but I like that sort of in-your-face non-P.C. humor, and that sort of humor tends to be done by men (Sam Kinison, George Carlin, Lewis Black, etc.).

I don't know how women can make the style of humor they prefer (which tends to be more low-key storytelling) more popular with the general public.

I'm not even sure if this answers the question (if, indeed, there was a question). It's all just my opinion.


Shaun, that is so weird. The piece you wrote is QUITE similar to mine. Are you sure you didn't read this before writing it?

And as far as "what the question was", I'm pretty sure that there was no question, and I'm becoming convinced that there are no answers either.

Dr. Janice

I'll tell ya, my husband is a pretty funny guy, and he thinks I'm funny too. But we aren't professional comedians. We think each other is hysterical because we "get" each other. So what is funny to us might not be funny to someone else, because they're not "in" on the joke.

That's why I think women comedians have to resort to raunchy humor in order to be invited to male roasts -- what's funny to women isn't necessarily funny to men. I mean, I'm always up for another women's take on p.m.s., because I "get" it.

You want to find a life partner who WILL laugh at your jokes. Even if no one else on the planet does.

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