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I haven't the faintest idea if there's a market but I can provide you with a backing track for Ray of Light. Well, a weird and twisted psychedelic instrumental version of RoL, featuring me getting all freaky with a digital delay.


Oooh. Digital delay. This is good to know, Coelecanth...


Hey, I've got 'em all: D-Delay, Wah, Octave, Phaser , Flanger, Chorus ect. If it makes a guitar sound weird, I own it. The best thing about havin' a day job is being able to afford all the toys.

How about you land that big book contract and hire the band as your live Karaoke machine? I'm sure I can convince everyone to move to NYC, especially if you paid in US$'s. What a great promotional tool it'd be: come for the book signing and stay for the Karaoke party!


Is it just me, or does the audio not work? I get video, but no sound...

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