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I'd totally pass your info on if I knew anyone. Seriously!


I'm activly stalking her, so I'll pin this article to the hairdoll I've made for/from her. G'luck Esther!!


If she really is pregnant, then she'll really have to multi-task! But, since she is Tina Fey, she'll be sure to sing, "I'm a Woo-oo-man, w-o-m-a-n" while doing it.


LOL. I don't know Tina Fey, but I once ate lunch with Dave Murry from Iron Maiden. He was drunk though, so I don't think he'd remember me. Oh, and I made-out with Gavin DeGraw's older brother about 10 years ago. If I ever run into them, I'll see if they can hook you up. Celebrities all know each other don't they?


Will Ferrel. He's not on the SNL team anymore, but I passed him on Park Avenue this past summer. Esther, as soon as the weather gets just a tad warmer, I will pitch a tent outside the hotel Will was coming out of when I walked right by him this past summer, and wait for him. Then I'll pass the info along. How's that?


Uh... we can get you people. Scary people. You are not without resources ...

Just sayin is all.


Bren, you and your hairdolls scare me as much as they make me snicker.

CK, not interested in Lizzie Grubman. (That "PowerGirls" TV show scared me.) But you know I'm open to suggestions...

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