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Prayers in your own words and language are always welcome. I love how you can write seriously but with a humorous tone. Liked this post. (Enjoy your trip!)


Since I'm a non-religious Jew, I usually just get intensely nervous before a flight, look out the window on takeoff to make sure the wings are still there, then exhale while in cruising altitude. If I pray to any God, it might be the God of Stoli, or, on long flights, the God of Ambien.

Scariest airplane moment for me: On a TWA flight back from Egypt, I was awakened from a semi-sleep (the only sleep I can get on a plane) by the sound of a guy yelling in Arabic. This was before 9/11, mind you, but I was still scared out of my wits. I could have used Esther's little card then.

buster hyman

Why are there no Female Saudi Flight Attendants on Saudi Arabian Airlines?

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