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La, la, la, la....I can't hear, la....Will NOT get my hopes up again.

I swear, if this one is the disappointment the last two were, I'm going to, to, VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Every sequel, prequel, whatever, I've literally bounced in my seat with excitement as the opening credits rolled and left feeling bereft of my will to live. Ah well, at least this is the end of the emotional rollercoaster.


Wow, things i learn from you Esther, this is slightly off topic, but reading Kevin Smith blog for just one minute i already know things about him (and specifically his wife)that i never wanted to know - although glad they have a kicking sex life. Anyway, i'm not even close to a huge star wars fan, but excited to see this one.

candy girl

hahaha. when i saw the title i thought it said "episode ill." which is probably how i'll feel about it anyway. yucky. star wars.

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