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Esther, write the script. It's an Elijah Wood vehicle, for sure.


That's exciting news! Thanks!


God, I'd love to hear about "Baby Fish Mouth." Every time I thought of that line for like 10 years after seeing that movie, I'd practically piss myself laughing and people would stare at me funny.

I couldn't help but think of "The Shop Around The Corner" and "You've Got Mail" when I read this- I guess this would be the next generation...


David Duchovny has a blog! That's awsome!


John Cusack actually is a strong, democratic political activist. I saw him speak at the University of Michigan in 2000 in support of voting for dems and women (he was the only man with a number of women in politics, granholm, lieberman's mother, etc.). He is really intelligent and a passionate speaker. I look forward to seeing what he writes about. I doubt it will be funny, more likely thought provoking.


Hey Jodie, thanks for visiting. Speaking for almost all women everywhere, the reasons you stated--intelligence, passion, ability to be thought-provoking, etc--are among the many reasons we all love John Cusack.

I read his post about Hunter S. Thompson, and I have to say that my disappointment with the celebrity blog component of the Huffington Post was not with the content itself, but with the fact that such "diary entries" were called blogs, when the most important part of the blogging aspect was missing: the opportunity to open the conversation to the readers. See Zach Braff's blog ( an example of what I mean.

Believe me, the Urban Kvetch hearts John Cusack.

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