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I won't presume to know what your missing, but I've had similar feelings. I suspect it's a hazard of being a self-aware person. Ignorance might not be real bliss, but at least it's restful.

Sometimes when you lose your keys you have to climb through a window. Taking an alternate route, shaking things up, can help. You might not find what you're missing, but you might find something else. Something that fills part of the void, bandages the gap enough to let the rest heal.

On the smallest level you've connected with people here. Your writing continues to interest/amuse/educate me despite our differences in background and culture. I'm sure this isn't the connector you're looking for, but I offer it up as my tiny, bent and rusty safety pin.

annabel lee

I wish I had something helpful to say. I don't, though. But I'm very much looking forward to seeing you next week!

rabbi neil fleischmann

I really like the way this is writen. Riveting. What my college writng professor said is confirmed; you CAN write well about anything. The example he used was a piece about a yo-yo in the book Stop Time, but yours is just as good.

I could be wrong, but when I write things like this I'm not really looking for comments like, "gee, I hope you find it." If I was you here, I'd be wanting an honest opinion about the writing. And that's what I've tried to do.

While I'm here I'll tell you that I may be willing to comment on a question you asked some postings back about modern vs. plain Orthodox.


Thanks, everyone. It's my pleasure to have you out there reading.

Rabbi Neil, you're spot on: this wasn't a plea for help or advice in anyway, just something I wrote when I should have been sleeping but couldn't seem to, and I thought it was a sentiment that others might be able to relate to.

Coele, you've been so supportive, and your comments really mean a lot to me. And as for climbing in through windows and trying new locations, I'm all about that this month. And I can tell you that so far, it means packing and unpacking lots. But also, big rewards.

Annabel Lee, I look forward to joining you very soon in your kingdom by the sea!! Details TK!

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