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Rhett takes the cake. Easily.


I'm swamped at the moment, but give me time and I'll do it this week. I promise!

Dawn Summers

you feel guilty for not visiting him, so you punish him with this meme? That just doesn't seem right somehow.


While the Latin Bible would do you some good for what the Christians call the Old Testament, I don't know if it would provide many clues to mysterious translation differences. I think lots of the Old Testament translation oddities happened as the Israelites were being chased all over kingdom come and their own languages changed over the years. (That whole mess about a virgin giving birth prophecy is, supposedly, the product of one version of the OT coming out of the Jewish community in Alexandria, Egypt)

On the New Testament end, what you should do is also pick up the Coptic, Aramaic and Greek versions of the original Gospels (and some Coptic, Aramaic and Greek books). And include all the Gospels, not just the four included in the Christian Bible.

Or you could just bring the Book of Mormon and not worry about translations at all. (But it might, literally, bore you to death)


Ken, I could tell you that the word betulah, which is commonly translated as "virgin," also means young maiden, usually unmarried and therefore a virgin, but not necessarily. And there are others I'd like to examine more closely...

rabbi neil fleischmann

On the topic of starting books and not finishing or buying and not reading (which you mention at the start here), there's a great essay by Nick Hornby in every issue of The Believer in which he chronicles what he has bought and read and what he thinks of each of those books. It has been collected into a book, even as new essays keep coming out. I've thought about buying the book...

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