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I like that commercial. Probably because (1) I've only seen it twice, and (2) I am a big nerd.


It just seems a little weird to see a 40-year-old woman dancing around and singing she "enjoys being a girl." But I guess she sells the clothes, so what do I know?!


Hmmmmm, so I guess ACTING as a twit in a show that someone else wrote magically makes her qualified to develop her own shows. Funny how Hollywood works.


It looks like an Old Navy ad. Annoying. Except those spots are supposed to be annoying. Aren't they? ("Shorts! I'm gonna wear them forever...")

Just you wait, Ginger. It'll get irritating.

Janice, I hope that I'm still dancing around at 40, but I do understand where you're coming from.

And Ken, you know Hollywood better than I do, so you have just answered your own comment. All you have to do is watch some of the bonus Sex and the City Season Six DVD to realize that SJP thinks she's a writer for the show. And moreover, so does everyone else.

Girlfriend's been acting a long time, though, so I'm sure HBO trusts that she knows enough about the industry and is popular enough thanks to SATC to constitute a draw and to be an expert of sorts on what shows are trends waiting to happen. Maybe they'll hire some writers to make sure that there are stories and characters to go along with those trends. I guess we'll see.


I just have to say that I really enjoy SJP's new GAP commercial "PRETTY KHAKI," and think that she is rather talented. Anyone can look into SJP's past and realize that she grew up performing on BROADWAY (ex. ANNIE) and the like, and although through the years she has taken some less than stellar movie roles, as she has aged she has come into her own and harnessed her talent. I am glad to see her playful adapatation of "I enjoy being a girl," if only for a GAP commercial and not the stage.


I want to now about my period.


Ani ohev the commercial with SJP, I am looking to find it online so I can listen to it at work. The jingle "I enjoy being a girl!" Is stuck in my head at this very moment. Why I don't know. So Andele Ima, Andele.

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