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I am so with you on the random presentations all over the theater. What was up with that?!


I thought Rock did a great job, *BUT*, aren't Gap and Banana Republic owned by the same company???


I like that Swank was covered up in the front. The modesty of it (the front) makes you look at her face, listen to her words (not that she said anything very surprising). And the back was gutsy enough to please critics. Classy. She's definitely a winner.


Yes. gap, banana republic, and old navy are all part of the same company. And, the bizzare part is that knowing this actually grated at me last night.


What a bizarre awards ceremony, where the host trashes the proceedings. And, a propos of nothing, the President.


As for the Banana Republic/GAP corporate connection, that came up at the Oscars Party where I was too. Everyone knows that the two companies are related. I granted Rock a pass because I thought the use of Banana Republic evoked a political weight (Battle Hymn of the Republic), but as usual, I'm overthinking it.

If I had to rewrite that bit, I might go with Old Navy (military) instead of the GAP (although again, same company, but a better, more militaristic sound) and keep the Liberated Republic of Bananas.


Assuming that there were a number of writers involved in putting the monologue together, I just found it odd that nobody picked up on the Gap/BR connection, which more or less negated the whole concept of the joke, Had he just said "Abercrombie and Finch" we wouldn't even be having this conversation :-)


Gooch, of course you're right. That element of sloppiness in the construction of the joke was very distracting.

Over at Protein Wisdom, check out this "annotated" version of the joke:

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