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Uuhhh, gee I'd luv ta' only I'm sorta far away...


Hey Esther, I know this is off topic, but did you ever buy a domain name?


You KNOW I'm in! Can we go out for karaoke afterwards too?

Dan Lobel


I am the Press Representative and one of the Producers of "...Reflections from The Breakfast Club." We would love it if you all would come see our show. We have been extended through March due to popular demand- the show is really funny!!!

If you organize a group, I can give you all a discount rate. Call me at 917-573-0992 or to arrange.

-Dan Lobel

Dan Lobel

Just wanted to let you all know that the onstage parody, "...Reflections from The Breakfast Club" has been extended again!!!

We are now scheduled to run through the end of April. The show is hilarious, and I'm sure you will all have an amazing time if you come by.

Once again, if you want to organize a group, I will offer you all a discount. Call me at 917-573-0992 or email me at

-Dan Lobel, Producer/Press Representative

Dan Lobel

The show is running though May 7th. For tickets, go to or call 212-868-4444.

For group rates, call me at 917-573-0992,

-Dan Lobel

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