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How many votes do you suppose Bush got in your precinct? Two, three?

annabel lee

Yes, I did, and I've got the sticker to prove it.


Hey, I didn't get a sticker! Nonethelesss, I feel challenged to say something poetic about the voting process now. Let's see . . . . Serpentine,confusing linesand at the end defeat?What makes the knotsforming now in my stomach?Who will defend democracy?Our Founding Fathers weren't gods.Their pathos aren't ours andour values, differ, too.Not owning land, I vote still.But the still, small voice that is not god tells meit does not matter.I am not in a state of sunshine.Even if I were, each limb of mine is weary.Each one is numb with belief that cheaters win and prosper.The lever is pulled, ker-plunk, like those I heard while riding the snaky line.What kind of uprising will come ifinjustice baldly shows its face?


I voted, of course. Always do...Esther voted for Madonna? :P

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