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What a great post! I think you have hit the nail on the head here. I personally would love to see a show where the main character is not super-skinny, not incredibly dressed and not super-glamorous. And she shouldn't be the butt of all the jokes for her non-perfection, either (also known as a "character" actress). There are so many incredible women who devalue themselves because they feel the need to be a size 0 and perfectly dressed and make-uped at every moment. Here's to the blog world where it is the words that matter!


I am also sick of so-called reality shows that glorify plastic people. If Lucille Ball were alive today, do you think she'd have a shot at being on prime time television? Somehow I doubt it -- she probably wouldn't conform well enough to the Hollywood image, but it was precisely her "realness" (and her ability to make awkwardness funny and lovable) that made her so popular. I have watched my fair share of reality programs, and sometimes I listen to the things that the plastic people say, and wonder if I was walking down the street and overheard conversations like that if I would consider the people absolutely brainless. Probably would.It is a shame that so many people are getting the message that breast implants and a face lift will solve all their self-esteem problems -- forget about the danger and pain involved in having elective surgery.The one reality show I'd like to see -- and I don't think even PBS would do this one -- would be a dating show in which a man was introduced to 25 modestly dressed women and was told he had to decide who he liked best without ever touching any of them.:)Down with reality TV! Up with real life and real women!


I'm refuse to watch any "Sex in the City" type shows because, as you've pointed out, they're ALL THE SAME. But I'd watch a show based on you any day, girl! (Or Fish, for that matter.) :)Spring


The kind of men who feel they "deserve a hot, skinny girl who's all about couture" aren't the kind of men you'd want to have a relationship with. I mean really, would you, or any intelligent woman for that matter, be happy with someone who's so unselfaware that tv informs their dating choices?In an odd way these kind of shows are doing smart folks everywhere a favour. The lowest-common idiots go out looking for Ms. Couture and leave the intelligent, real women for those of us who want a person rather than an image.

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