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Esther, you're killin' me! Mention Jennifer Jason Leigh and you'll complete the tiumverate of my youthful longings. If I'd known back in the day that Molly and Winona (yes, we *are* on a first name basis thank you very much) were members of your tribe I might have very different religious views today. :)Wouldn't worry too much about competition with those gals. Any guy who's comparing you to someone he knows entirely through the characters they play isn't worth your time.


Jennifer Jason Leigh is Jewish?


PsychoToddler: Haven't the faintest. My, er, attraction to those gals wasn't based on their religious beliefs. It wasn't really based on anything other than star-struck hormones.


Hey, that's not anonymous that's me Coelecanth the elder.


EDK,Worthless trivia. JJL and I were born on the same day.PS Gotta love the 'Nat.'

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