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Did the doc really feel it neccesary to tell them yesterday?What a shitty day to be a member of the Edwards family.


I disagree with Anon above. She felt a lump while campaigning vigorously. The first chance she got to have it evaluated was the day after the election, i.e., her first "day off." Working women, especially working mothers, frequently have to schedule their own medical appointments around the needs of others. The good news about this, other than the fact that the type of breast cancer that she has is beatable (80%+ of the time), is that she got a diagnosis quickly. Since she doesn't have to prepare for a new job as first-lady-in-waiting, and her husband quit his job so that he'll be around more, then she can now get the treatment she needs, and promptly.See my post about "couples weathering crises together."Janice


Lousy news. I lost my wife to breast cancer some years ago. It's a bad disease. I hope she can beat it.

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