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Um. Brilliant. More than brilliant. Exquisite. This needs to be published.

Benji Lovitt

Esther, this is one of the greatest posts ever. So good that I'm going to cross-comment on your FB wall.


Thanks, guys - really value your comments. I know you've sent it out to people, which is great! Appreciate the support...more posts to come...eventually!

Turtleman, Heathrow hotels

I really like the part where you creep in on guy and poke him with a coffee stirrer. Make me laugh just by thinking about it.

K. Yovela Hershey

Absolutely genius!

Filippa Sartini

Well, how about yoga? Try to arrange a group session and set off a synchronized yoga dance. You never know, it may be a great way to fight the boredom of waiting during big speed bumps like that at the airport.

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